Science as Leisure

Liz Marchio

I am a trained ichthyologist interested in what gets people interested in natural history, biological sciences, and science careers. My passion is to find out what fuels curiosity for the natural world.

Biology-related serious leisure activities can impact people's interest in ecology, biology, and natural history. Do these activities promote biological understanding? If so, how does that progress and to what level does it progress to? 

If you're interested in a starting a dialogue, please feel free to contact me. If you're curious about how I got here, my story can be found on the About Me page.



Liz Marchio's Curriculum vitae as of 17 May 2018


Marchio, E. A. 2018. The Art of Aquarium Keeping Communicates Science and Conservation. Frontiers in Communication. 20 April 2018 OPEN ACCESS! 

Marchio, E. A. 2015. My metamorphosis. Science. Vol 347 Issue 6218: 206. Click here for the online article.

Marchio E. A. & Piller K.  P. 2013. Cryptic diversity in a widespread live-bearing fish (Poeciliidae:Belonesox). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 109: 848-860. Click here for abstract.

Marchio E. A.  & Piller, K. P. 2013. Scale-stacking in the Pike Livebearer Belonesox belizanus (Poeciliidae). Journal of Fish Biology. 83: 1387-1390.  

E-mail me for PDF versions.

 Meme to share on the internet.  Feel free to share.

 Meme to share on the internet.  Feel free to share.

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