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Science as Leisure

Liz Marchio

I am a trained ichthyologist interested in what gets people interested in natural history, biological sciences, and science careers. My passion is to find out what fuels curiosity for the natural world.

Biology-related serious leisure activities can impact people's interest in ecology, biology, and natural history. Do these activities promote biological understanding? If so, how does that progress and to what level does it progress to? 

If you're interested in a starting a dialogue, please feel free to contact me. If you're curious about how I got here, my story can be found on the About Me page.


Amateur Hour: Fish Drawings Desired

I'm creating an online collage of people's renderings of fish! 

So, if you have a spare few minutes:

  1. Think of fish. What do image pops into your mind?
  2. Attempt to portray that image on paper or an app (whatever works for you).
  3. Send me your fish image and...
  4. Send me any information regarding your familiarity with fish. For example, do you study them? Keep them? Fish them? Eat them? Whatever helped you think of an image of a  "fish", let me know! 

Send to: or @LizMarchio on Twitter.

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